web push plugin for wordpressOne does not need to be reminded about how competitive the market has become. Every site owner knows the ugly truth. How difficult brand visibility now is among the cacophony of brands all shouting for attention. Therefore instead of lamenting the same old market reality, lets talk about solutions.

SendPulse web push plugin offers one such solution. It is simple yet very effective. It is created by SendPulse where “Marketing is made simple” through their fast and affordable services and products. Their aim is help businesses grow and increase brand awareness.

Apart from the web push plugin, SendPulse helps businesses through its email marketing, SMS, SMTP service and API. Also they have the unique features of Drag and Drop Editor, Subscription Forms, Ready Made Templates, AB testing, Reporting and Adaptive Design. You will notice their slogan of “marketing made simple” manifested in their website as well where every information is presented in the simplest way possible.

It will send instant notifications to your subscribers. And unlike other services, it seems to work a great deal better. In a survey it was found that clicking rates for push notifications were twice as higher than for emails.

Additionally, the SendPulse web push plugin for WordPress is completely free, with no strings attached at all. This popular WordPress plugin sends over 150 millions notifications every month for clients over 20,000 worldwide.

Lets look at its features.


  1. SendPulse web push works on all the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.
  2. If your subscribers don’t get the notifications because they are offline, then as soon as they come online those notifications will appear on their screens.
  3. They have also the option of personalizing your messages through adding informations like name of the user, name of the product or date of purchase etc. This is a great way to make your messages more effective as it has been found that customers respond to such personal messages more positively than others.

Instead of randomly sending your messages to all your subscribers, it is preferable to send different messages to different segments of your subscribers. Through SendPulse segmentation option, you can target particular groups of people based on the information you collect.

  1. Test your messages through A/B testing. See what types of messages work the best and next time, send those messages.
  2. The statistics about geography and click rates etc. are valuable information that you can collect easily as well.

Installation Guide

The setup is very easy. Even a beginner can easily follow.

Just go to “Plugins- Add New” option on your WordPress admin panel, and enter “SendPulse” in the search field that appears. Install by clicking “Install Now” and activate by clicking “Activate plugin”.

Then, choose “Settings- SendPulse webpush” on your dashboard for entering the integration code there. This code could be found in the Push section of your SendPulse account. Please note that if you do not have an account, then you will need to create one.

Click “Add new website” in the Push section of your dashboard, and copy-then-paste the address of your site into the appearing form.

Click the “Next step” to receive a code. This code you should copy-then-paste into the empty field. This field will appear after you go to the settings for the WordPress plugin.

Note also that at this point, SendPulse gives further options for personalization which you should explore and set according to your needs. Only then click “Finish” to complete the installation.

You will notice that now opening your site prompts you to subscribe to web push notifications.