wordpress under construction page pluginsWordPress is one the most trusted and used platform that helps you to build up the great personal and professional website. At the very beginning of the website building process, you have to care about the ‘coming soon’ page. Never forget that “the first impression is the last impression”. So your ‘coming soon’ page must be attractive with the perfect design.

Is your website is under construction or undergoing a major upgrade? Do you need a nice cover page to hide yours under construction website?

If you are going through the above two situations, then you are in the right place. We are going to talk about the plugin which is more than a simple WordPress plugin. this plugin will boost your website, it always needed.

yes, we are talking about the under construction page plugin. With some pretty amazing features,  this plugin is the very important element of WordPress which extends your ability to get even more functions and features offered by them.

In simple words, Under construction page plugin will help you to get more out of WordPress and help to build a better website. It is one of the best plugins that you can install within a few seconds and get the work done.

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Why choose Website Under Construction plugin?

Let us have a look at the amazing features that the Website under construction plugin offers you:

    • Easy and User-friendly- the plugin is very friendly with a nice user interface which allows even beginners to operate it nice and smooth. The plugin has a lag free experience and provides the user with a smooth website builder. Being user-friendly, you will not need much tutorials or guidelines to follow and assemble it.

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    • Ample amount of designs- the plugin is updated with at least 2 designs every month and therefore the users have a plethora of option to choose their website design from. You can check the themes offered in this plugin before you apply it to your website.
    • Number of users- the number of users for this plugin is every increasing with almost 130k+ active users and with 10k/month growth, the plugin is getting more popular among website builders. This builds up an air of trust and reliability for beginners who might be confused about choosing the right plugin for their site.
    • Amazing reviews- Under construction plugin has got some amazing reviews over the period of time. It has gained more than 1000 5-star reviews from customers worldwide. So, if you are a beginner, then this plugin can always be a favorite.
    • Email support- often we may face different kinds of problems related to the plugin. So to support your queries and help you to get the best solution the plugin offers you email support for any query you have. They are pretty responsive and helps you to get out of your problems.
    • Optimized for SEO- SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is very popular nowadays and has grown into a big business industry. Therefore it is essential that the plugin you use follows the principles of latest SEO techniques. This plugin is installed and available to you with amazing SEO visibility setting even in the basic version.

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  • Various icons- it is important to promote your website over big and popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Behance etc. This plugin understands your need for adding social media icons, therefore it has the icons, which are usable, of all the famous social platforms.
  • Google Analytics support- you will need to know how your website is performing in the online market. Therefore under construction page plugin provides you with amazing Google Analytics support for better insights into the traffic managed by your page.


After you have read the features section, if you are wondering “What makes Website Under Construction plugin better than other competitors?”, then keep reading the section below.

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The Website Under Construction plugin has some pretty amazing pro features that make it more competitive and reliable than others available in the market. Here are some of the amazing pro features that makes them different from the others:

Drag and Drop page builder – in the online field you will rarely get any time to waste and the plugin understands that. Therefore their easy Drag and Drop feature helps you to build the designs pretty fast. You don’t need to be a html or php expert. Just choose your suitable image or text box and fit it in the page.

Improved access control – getting control over the overall aspect of the plugins helps you to understand them better. Therefore, it has been modified and constantly updated for better and improved user control.

Customized options – the plugin has the ability to display custom links which can be set for a custom expiry date.

Unsplash API integration – the plugin has an amazing pro feature of Unsplash integration. You can have access to over 200,000 images which can be used for building up a beautiful website as per your desires.

Active support team – If you are facing any problem using the plugin, just send an email and their ever-active USA based agents will contact you rapidly. So, you don’t have to waste your time to solve the issue.

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Final Verdict

Under Construction Page plugin is a very versatile and features packed WordPress plugin that helps you to build a good website with the help of the amazing features that we have discussed above. Therefore if you are a beginner or even a pro WordPress user, this plugin can always prove to be beneficial for your website and help you achieve a successful start to your career.

Last but not the least, it comes with very reasonable price. You can get your pro version at only 70$. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best under construction page plugin and make your website a perfect one.