working remotely from the other side of the worldWorking remotely is a great thing for a certain kind of worker. Companies are starting to realize that not everybody thrives in an office environment. Some people just do better working from home…or wherever. When a business is focused on results first, it doesn’t really matter where their employees are located, so long as there work is of a high quality and turned in on time.

Some employees have started to see just how far they can push this working remotely thing, to the point where they work from another hemisphere. You may want to try the work-while-traveling thing yourself. But it’s not easy. There are many pitfalls. There is a reason most people don’t do it. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, or that you shouldn’t give it a try. Here are some of the best ways to make remote work from an international location work for you.

Communication. As with all positive relationships, communication is central to the relationship between employer/client and worker. If you are on staff at a company that lets you do your work while traveling overseas, it’s important to keep them in the loop. If you are hard to get in touch with, they may feel that you can’t handle the responsibility of working overseas. The best way to keep in touch is to:

  • Have multiple channels of communication.
  • Make sure the employer understands your situation.

To accomplish the first, have apps like NobelApp for international calls, instant messaging apps, email, and even international snail mail methods worked out well in advance. To accomplish the second, have quick, clear conversations with the people you work for, explaining that you will be working from a new timezone, that your communications will be delayed, anything that they need to understand to accept that you’re not working in their area. Usually, good communication is enough to make these things smooth. It’s when your employer doesn’t understand your situation that friction arises.

Time Management. This is the other biggie. Presumably, you want to work while traveling to have the best of both worlds: exciting adventures and reliable income. Most of the time, people can’t have both. The reason they can’t have both is that it’s really hard to find time in the day for both activities. You’ll have to become a master of managing time if you want to make this work. One great way is to work either early or late, with a timer set to make sure you hit your goals and deadlines. If you can efficiently finish your work, you’ll have plenty of time to adventure, play, and explore.

Working for a company from another continent or country is a challenge, but it’s well worth it if you can make it work. Typically, communication and time management are the two most important skills in this endeavor. If you can keep your employer happy, then there is no limit to where you can go while still getting a reliable paycheck. Good luck!