senior citizen injuries

Unfortunately, older adults are some of the most vulnerable people on earth. Because our health deteriorates as we get older, it becomes more likely that a simple injury could lead to something much more serious than a bump or bruise. The best way to protect yourself as you reach retirement age is to know the most common injuries to look out for.

Take a look at some of the most common injuries amongst people over 60.

Burn Injuries

Unfortunately, elderly folks are five times as likely to get burned. Usually, it’s a burn from engaging in an activity like cooking. Sometimes their poor eyesight leads them to miscalculate how close the burner is to their hand.

Or, in some cases, they may forget to turn the burner off entirely and graze against it with their arm leading to a serious burn. For this reason, people over a certain age require extra help when cooking in the kitchen. Not only could it lead to a burn, but something even more serious like the entire home catching on fire.

Hip Injuries

Our hips become extremely worn down as the years continue and we may develop arthritis. Older people often require hip replacements because of their deteriorating hips.  However, usually leading up to a hip replacement surgery comes a serious hip injury.

It often occurs from a fall down the stairs or tripping over an obstruction in their path. If you’re a senior citizen, make sure that you use handrails and any walking devices that your doctor has recommended. If you’re caring for an older one, make sure that you keep a close eye on their whereabouts. That way, you can ensure that they are not at risk of falling.

Spinal Injuries

Much like the hips, the spine is also extremely fragile in our older age. It’s not uncommon for older adults to pull their back out trying to lift something or even hurting their back doing something as simple as sitting for a period of time with poor posture.

Some adults may require a back brace throughout the day to ensure their back has proper support. Maintaining a healthy weight through a nutrient-rich diet and practicing strength training can also keep your back injury-free in your older age.

Head Injuries

Because seniors are susceptible to falling, one of the most common injuries related to falls is head trauma. Head injuries are usually minor if it’s just a simple bump on the head; however, if a senior citizen sustains a serious head injury, it could be extremely dangerous and perhaps even lead to death.

Make sure that your loved one is careful when operating a vehicle or when stepping down the stairs. Many senior head injuries are easily avoided by simple precautions like using handrails and wearing a seat belt.

Final Word

In conclusion, whoever has an older relative or families that within the golden age have to be taken care of with extra care as they are vulnerable and without a doubt needed our attention for them to have a happy and healthy life.