6 Reasons to Avoid Disposable E-Cigarettes

6 Reasons to Avoid Disposable E-Cigarettes

Many smokers think about quitting multiple times per day. Often towards the end of their smoke where the flavor intensifies to an unpleasant degree and they realize they don’t really want it anymore but choose to finish due to the high sin tax on cigarettes.

There are many methods employed by smokers to help them quit, from medication to nicotine gum and patches. But it’s not just the nicotine fix they’re after but also the pleasant sensation of smoking, and the time is taken out of a busy day to simply sit and watch. This is why in recent years many smokers have picked up e-cigarettes to help them quit. This could potentially be helpful for many, but the dangers of vaping are not yet fully known, and vaping could carry its own host of risks.

Many vapers, spurred on by low prices and the lack of commitment required might see disposable e-cigarettes as an easy solution, but here are some reasons to stop before you purchase:

  • Dodgy Contents

Due to the large number of companies producing disposable e-cigarettes, a lot of these vapes get through customs without their contents being tested. This means the e-juice inside could contain more harmful chemicals than the e-juice you’d normally purchase for your non-disposable kit.

  • Poor Quality

Simply searching ‘disposable e-cigarette not working’ will bring up a host of answers – from the e-juice running out within a day despite the promises of ‘800 puffs’ to batteries dying within minutes of purchase.

  • Limited Flavours

A lot of disposable e-cigarette manufacturers boast a wide range of flavors from chocolate to cocktails, but a lot of these are overpoweringly sweet and all taste fairly similar. This means that if you used to enjoy a cigarette with your coffee, you’ll now be left with a combination of coffee and fruity vapor – not a good way to start the day.

  • No Returns Policies

A lot of vape stores have very strict no-return policies as they argue that it’s an unsanitary practice. Keep in mind that if you have any problem with your vape you’ve potentially spent $12 on a worthless piece of scented plastic.

  • No Options on Voltage Or Strength

Unlike other non-disposable e-cigarettes, these disposable vapes offer no options on how hard you have to pull to get one hit. Alongside this is the extreme variation in these settings in each disposable vape. Some will leave you coughing for a good couple of seconds and others you’ll have to pull for a long time to get a normal-sized hit.

  • Environmental Concern

Even if you ignore all these other reasons to avoid these products, consider the enormous amount of waste produced by each disposable e-cigarette. All the electronics, batteries, and plastic components inside that are all non-replaceable and a lot of the time non-recyclable as well will go straight into landfills every two weeks. Rather save your money and claim a Lucky Creek welcome bonus instead.

All in all, if you’re considering switching over to an e-cigarette, given that you’ve researched the potential harm involved and are satisfied with your decision, rather opt for a good refillable e-cigarette t