how sports nutrition is made

Movement is life. And there is too much of it in our life. We are constantly in a hurry and forget about proper nutrition, not to mention the healthy one, which is the basis of good health and energy. For some time, our body does not react in any way to such a rhythm, but over time it begins to fail, and various problems appear. Sports supplements come to the rescue to prevent failure and align your nutrition.

What is sports nutrition?

These special concentrated mixtures contain a set of all substances necessary for the human body. Their intake aims to replenish the deficiency of macro and microelements that a person receives less with food. First, sports nutrition is intended for those whose bodies are subject to daily stress. Each type of sports supplements performs a specific function in the body, affects the quality of life, helps improve athletic performance, improves health and normalizes metabolic processes.

Adding sports nutrition to your diet must be done right and in certain quantities. Regular food is digested up to several hours, and sports supplements do not need such a long time. However, after taking them, you can feel a significant improvement in overall tone. But remember that sports nutrition should not be a replacement for the main meal, but only an addition to it.

Types of sports nutrition

Nutrition for athletes is divided into several types, such as proteins, gainers, BCAAs, carnitine, supplements for joints and ligaments. Each of them plays a role in the body and solves certain problems.

Protein is a sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass. Such supplements are presented in the form of a dry mixture, they consist of pure protein, which our body needs to build muscles, tissues, improve skin firmness and elasticity. Protein is a must-have for all athletes who want to not only gain weight, but also improve body shape. And in combination with a low-calorie diet, this supplement helps burn body fat. Based on its composition, protein can be made from whey, egg, beef, vegetable and casein.

Gainers are protein-carbohydrate mixtures for the rapid growth of muscle mass. Sports supplement manufacturers recommend taking gainers to ectomorphs – people with an accelerated metabolism and difficulties in gaining muscle mass. Unlike protein, where the composition is pure protein, carbohydrates are also added to the gainer in a ratio of 50/40 or 75/15. This supplement also allows you to quickly restore the energy reserves of cells, increases endurance and improves strength.

BCAAs are amino acids with a branched side chain. Their constituents are leucine, isoleucine and valine. Under the action of leucine, the level of sugar decreases, which is a condition for the synthesis of growth hormone, promotes rapid regeneration and an increase in muscle mass. Isoleucine accelerates the recovery of injured muscles and increases overall endurance. Valine is the most active amino acid in the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers, reducing the healing time of muscle tears. BCAAs are great for athletes who are on a cut. 

Carnitine is a sports supplement for burning fat and improving metabolism. The main function of L-carnitine is to transport lipids to the “energy stations of cells” – mitochondria, where energy is produced from fats. Other functions of the supplement include increasing physical endurance, reducing the recovery period of athletes, increasing the adaptive abilities of the body and strengthening the immune system. Thanks to the developments, specialists from the site have found out that steroid-induced secondary adrenal insufficiency can be minimized due to a gradual reduction in the dose of Prednisone. This type of insufficiency may persist for several months after the end of therapy, and therefore, the corticosteroid therapy should be restored in any stressful situation that has arisen during this period.

Supplements for joints and ligaments are necessary supplements for strengthening and restoring joints and ligaments. These include such substances as hyaluronic acid, zinc, collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine. These supplements are essential for quick recovery of injured joints and tendons after intense workouts. They can be taken not only by athletes, but also by people who lead an active life, as well as the elderly, because the condition of the musculoskeletal system can significantly worsen with age.

How is production carried out?

Sports supplement manufacturers take full responsibility for the quality of their products. Therefore, the production of sports nutrition is a rigorous process that requires strict control. Especially, it concerns the appearance of employees. Before entering the workshop, they put on overalls and hide their hair under medical caps. Moreover, maximum sterility is achieved thanks to the “double dressing”. In one room, employees put on uniforms, and in the second one they put on respirators and protective overalls.

Sterility is a must-have for any production. Every day before each shift, equipment and surfaces are cleaned of industrial dust with a special vacuum cleaner, cleaned with antibacterial means and disinfected with an ultraviolet lamp.

An equally important stage of production is the control of the composition of the mixtures and their compliance with the recipes for the preparation of sports nutrition. This is exactly what production technologists do. Thanks to their careful control and special electronic equipment, achieving the maximum accuracy of the ingredients in the composition is possible, ultimately obtaining a quality product. But before this product hits the store shelves, after manufacturing, production laboratories additionally check it for the accuracy of the recipe and create an epidemiological conclusion.

Where is the best place to buy sports nutrition?

Sports supplement manufacturers supply their products to offline and online stores as well as gyms. Sports nutrition can even be found at separate stands in hypermarkets. We advise you to choose only specialized stores that are licensed to sell sports supplements. The most convenient way to buy is to order sports nutrition of various brands on the websites of large online stores. In addition to the product, you can always read information about a particular type of supplements and choose the right one.

Sports nutrition was invented in order to add the missing vitamins, trace elements and nutrients to the body. This is especially useful for those involved in strength training. There are several types of sports supplements, each with its own spectrum of action. By using these supplements, athletes can build and strengthen muscles, lose weight, provide the body with ease of movement and compensate for the loss of nutrients after training.