create-video-with-movavi-toolsIn recent years videos have become the ‘holy grail’ of content in a manner of speaking. On both blogs as well as social media videos perform amazingly well and tend to attract more viewers and produce higher conversion rates than any other form of content.

That being said videos have also changed a lot over the years as well – and if you want to know how to create great videos for blogs and social media in 2016, here are 4 tips that you may follow:

1. Make sure your video looks good on mobile devices with smaller screen sizes

A good chunk of the people that watch your videos will be using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that have much smaller screens. That is why it is important that your video looks just as good on a 5-inch smartphone screen as it does on a 20-inch monitor.

2. Create the right type of video based on the topic and content

When you choose the type of video that you are going to create, you need to make sure it ‘fits’ with the topic and content. For example recording video from your screen is perfect for a WordPress tutorial, but not so ideal for a DIY woodworking project.

3. Get to the point and keep it short

Everyone’s attention spans are much shorter nowadays – and your videos need to be shorter too. Anything longer than a minute and you risk losing your audience, so try to keep it around or under that mark.

4. Tweak videos for different platforms

Gone are the days when you could create a single video to publish on your blog, social media, YouTube and any other platforms you could find. Today the best approach is to tweak your video and edit both its length and structure depending on where you intend to publish it.

To get a head start when creating video content for your blog, you may want to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Not only will it let you record videos from your screen, but it also has editing tools and features that will come in handy regardless.

The features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio are nothing if not comprehensive and will let you cut and combine video segments, add background music, insert customizable text, apply special effects and filters, and much more. In short it has everything you need to start creating training videos or other forms of content.

On top of having all the features you could need, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is also extremely easy to use. That is something that you can see for yourself – and all you need to do is try it out for a few minutes to do so.