5 cringe worthy content mistakesWhether it be your blog, your Twitter feed or even just simple web content, what you say online is who you are. But if you make too many mistakes, this content can hurt both your image and bottom line.

So what are some of these mistakes, and how do we avoid them? Let’s look at five of the most common content marketing mistakes ones that can damage your online presence.

Expressing the Wrong Opinion

By this, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t talk about unpopular things or go against the status quo. No, we leave that decision to you. What we’re talking about is expressing the wrong category of opinion in your content. If you’re a political blogger, for instance, it makes total sense for you to write about your opinions on the presidential primaries, or the latest political scandal.

However, if you run an online business selling tennis shoes, such opinions are inappropriate, and may only serve to deter and drive off some of your customer base.


People are creatures of habit. Routines make us feel safe and secure, and lets us look forward to things. Things outside of our routines, on the other hand, are often considered negative, sapping time and energy. Web content is no exception to this rule.

If you want people to keep reading your content, you need to make sure it’s consistent. Post every day for a week, then wait for a month, then once a week, and it’s likely your followers will start dropping off.

Lack of Context

Got something to say you think will go viral? Make sure you pay attention to what’s going on in the virtual world around you. For example, let’s say you go online to post something brilliant and it turns out that everyone is tweeting about a national tragedy that just occurred. Your witty tweet or link to a catchy blog will seem callous and could sink your reputation. Always make sure that what and when you post makes sense in real time.

Violations of Good Taste

“Good taste?” you say. “On the Internet?” you continue. Yes, it actually does happen. The bar may be a bit lower than in real life, but the implications are the same. This is a very commonsense rule, but it can be violated if the impersonal nature of releasing content over the Internet makes you forget about where the line is. The offense generated and the bridges burned by this kind of mistake are huge — so be careful!

And last but never least…

Basic Spelling and Grammar Errors

No one (that you should care about) is going to worry about every period and semicolon, but if your audience is even a little bit literate, mistakes in the basics can kill your credibility. Want proof? Try misspelling the word “Mistakes” in your headline and see how many clicks your article gets.

Even though the other four mistakes may be more dramatic, this one has the greatest potential to do the most damage with the least effort. If you make a minor mistake now and then, don’t fret too much, though. Even the “big guys” make some embarrassing errors.

So there you are! Remember to keep your audience in mind, think before you post and check your spelling. If you do this, your compelling content should begin to win over readers and followers.