6-tips-that-come-handy-while-creating-your-brand-logoLogos speak on behalf of you, speak for you and speak all about you. It is imperative to tailor a brand logo and make it a perfect representative – a perfect brand ambassador beyond all – and allow it to proudly chant your name. Markets are competitive and downright cut-throat. A good logo goes beyond competition and offers a great trade to customers even without you uttering a single word of proposition. Therefore, constructing a good brand logo has a lot to do with how you want to present your identity. This requires some research and a lot of planning before you get down to creating your logo. Following are 6 tips which will, for sure, come in handy when you are knee-deep in creation of that perfect logo.


A logo that contains jargon or unnecessary complexity will create annoyance to your brand loyalists. Your logo has to be simple and easy to understand but this simplicity should not eliminate the business idea and your precious proposition. Make sure to not include confusing and ambiguous content as a part of your logo. The logo should speak for itself on first sight. Don’t force viewers to start calculating some math, going to their dictionaries or spending time to figure out what your company actually stands for. A simple logo is easier to commit to than the alternative – less is more.


Your audience is the reason why you are in business. Therefore, it is important that you analyze the audience you have and the audience that you want to tap in to, in the future. Understanding demographics like age, gender, geographic location, play a huge part in constructing your perfect identity. If your product appeals to the elderly, then the logo should speak of elderly values. Similarly, kids would often be attracted by upbeat logos which are, more often than not, colorful and quirky. Ergo, comprehending your audience is of highest importance before you create your brand logo.


Research has shown that selective attention will always lead to selective retention, because our brain selects what to store in its memory depending on how unique something is. Your logo must be different in design and content for it to stand tallest in the market. This is what makes your target audience remember it easily because it is, of course, very captivating. Always study your competitors first and identify gaps in their logos that you will need to fill in your brand to appear fresh and different.


Create a logo that can work for various sizes, colors and products. There should be variations in the logo such that it can be used in different situations and still work well. Whether in black and white or in color, your logo should be clearly identifiable. When used in branding patterns or in a single product, it should still stand out because companies nowadays want their brands to be popular. They can print on notebooks, pens, T-shirts, vans, newspapers and can be shown on billboards, event sponsorships and on television adverts. It should adapt to all situations without loss of identity.

Color choice

Use few colors, a maximum of four and always have a reason why you used a particular color. Audiences can easily attract to colors they can relate to. Therefore, if you did your research right, you would know which ones to use and you can have a proper reasoning behind their use. You should combine these color to achieve the most effective balance. Try out different color combinations and see how they work to speak your cause. For instance don’t use red for a hospital since it symbolizes blood. That’s scary. Consider using calm colors that shout less, unless you deal with kid products. Fewer color pallets help your logo look more professional and less busy. This also helps you to minimize branding costs.

Hire a designer

if you’re not sure about how to design a logo by yourself, consider hiring a logo designer. Good logo designers have the experience and capacity to create a logo that captivates all of us. These designers will do a good research work to come up with a visually appealing logo that catches the eye of everybody without discrimination. They will be creative to design an identity that prints a lasting impression in the memories of so many people. A designer will ensure all elements of your logo are well proportioned to dominate the market. To hire a good logo designer, visit websites such as Fiverr or Logo Arena. A great way to hire talent is by taking a look at the contestants participating in a logo contest, many skilled logo designers participate with hopes to win these contests and win new clients. Also, go through previous work samples in order to make sure he is the right designer for you.