analyzing the latest health and technology trendsOver the course of several years, health and technology have become intertwined. Today, it is possible to invest in various technological gadgets that can help you better monitor your health. The aim of these products is to help the consumer seek betterment and they’ve proven to be immensely effective. These technological advancements have ultimately changed the health sector, while simultaneously bringing about new trends. These trends will be explored in greater detail below.

Electronic Health Records Entering The Cloud

First and foremost, you should realize that the Cloud has grown massively over the past few years. More and more companies have made the switch and this is ultimately a good thing for everyone involved. At the same time, many hospitals and doctor’s offices have also decided to incorporate the Cloud into their daily activities. The Cloud is now repeatedly being used to store electronic health records. This is enormously beneficial, because Cloud-based storage is far more flexible, agile and adaptable than the alternatives.

Plus, health records stored on the Cloud can be transferred from one office to the next in milliseconds.


Another major change coming to the health sector is the wearable. More and more consumers have begun to wear a fitness tracker, such as the Fitbit, on a daily basis. And, it should be known that the Fitbit is one of many. Withings, Apple and various other companies have produced their very own fitness tracking watches and bracelets. These devices are very good for the consumer, because they allow them to better understand their health and activity levels.

In return, this can potentially encourage the patient to get active and begin exercising more frequently. Also, some of these devices are capable of transferring the patient’s recorded information to their primary physician. This can be helpful for diagnosing certain problems with added haste.

Cigarettes Declining

It should come as little to surprise to learn that cigarettes are dangerous. Smoking can lead to an abundance of serious diseases, so it is truly in your best interest to quit the habit as quickly as possible. This is another area, where technology has problem to be helpful. Technology has helped to create a reliable and much safer alternative in the form of the e-cigarette. While it might not be totally safe in its own right, there is no doubt that the e-cigarette is better than conventional cigarettes. Vaping can also be a good way for patients to break their old habits.

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Health-Related Social Networks

Would you ever believe that social networking could help improve your health? Well, many professionals believe it can and social networking could become a vital component of health in the coming years. By joining a health-related social network, it is possible to interact with others suffering from the same ailment as you. It may also be possible to connect with practitioners specializing in that specific area of expertise. This will give you access to the answers you need, as well as the motivation needed to get better. For the practitioner, their participation in such communities will allow them to gain more insight into the problem at hand.

Remote Care

In all likelihood, you have not heard the phrase telehealth. This is simply due to the fact that this specific form of treatment has yet to become mainstream. Nevertheless, it is growing in popularity. Telehealth allows patients to get the help they need from afar and it is likely to become very common in the future. Thanks to the Internet and video conferencing, patients will soon be able to meet with their primary physicians without needing to leave their home. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself Skyping with your doctor in a few years.