ux ui design trend 2020

Image: https://www.valuecoders.com/blog/technology-and-apps/the-state-of-ui-ux-design-in-mobile-app-development-trends-for-2020/

Despite the fact that most of them have already happened this year, they will continue to please us in 2020 as well. Let us talk about them and the new trends that will soon follow us everywhere.

Mobile First

Historically, the site should be convenient for the desktop, and for mobile devices, it has been adapted last. With the new trends, everything has changed, and sometimes the desktop version of the site is completely useless. According to research, 57% of traffic in search engines is mobile – this is a reason to think again.


Yes, yes, from year to year we talk about gradients in design, this trend will continue in 2020, so it is worth mentioning them too. Fresh colours are the perfect choice for a successful gradient. They can be used in buttons, icons, mockups (like envelope mockup) illustrations, and even in typography.

Dark Theme

We began to see the dark topic literally everywhere: from the operating system shell to popular applications that we use every day. Many designers will follow this and use Dark Mode for their applications and sites, so expect to see more and darker modes next year.

Predictability and Simplification

Designers will start looking for new forms of interaction with the user. For example, when approaching the “Next” button, they will immediately tell the user that something has not been filled out, thus preventing them from taking unnecessary action.

Bright Colours

Bright colours have been an important trend in the last two years – and 2020 will be no exception. Rich, vibrant, and even extremely vibrant colors will continue to exist everywhere.

Animated Graphics and Micro-Interactions

We believe that animation is the main trend of this year. In 2020, it will be especially evident in the design of the user interface. It adds power to illustrations, makes it easier to grasp an idea and remains in the memory of the user.

Micro-interactions are also important to make the user understand how the system works, guide them to their tasks, and leave a positive impression of the user experience.

Video in UI

No, we’re not talking about background videos or Flash times. In 2020, the information should reach the user very quickly, and it’s best to do it with video content.

Video content is mandatory for any website or application. For example, a web studio that UI companies showcase gives a quick insight to a potential client about who you’re working with, what you’re doing, and what your quality is.


An important part of the user interface design is functionality, i.e. each element is selected according to its purpose and function. Many people think that one has to choose between design and functionality, but with new technologies, these two concepts combine and complement each other very well.

Design is responsible for drawing attention to a website or an application, and functionality makes perception easier. This forces the user to find the right information more quickly.

Attention to Details

Great attention to detail is very important in user interface design. From buttons and loading elements to navigation, small details make our design extraordinary and unforgettable.

Next year we will see fewer and fewer buttons and more “hard” navigation. For example, the “Back” button, the main Android navigation element, officially disappears from Android 10.