five major security issues plaguing tech savvy business ownersHacks. Breaches. The ever-looming fear of a cybersecurity attack.

We seem to hear about these sorts of things more often than not these days, right? Keeping your tech safe as a small business owner should obviously be a top priority; however, realistically doing so is much easier said than done.

That said, knowing what to look out for can make the world of difference if you’re trying to keep any amount of your business’ data safe. Especially for brick-and-mortar businesses operating serves, it’s crucial to understand the signs of trouble and nip them in the bud. Avoid security snafus could be the difference between huge money and time wasted in the long-run.

Below we’ve outlined five major tech-related security issues that can be a potential nightmare to SMBs and what you can do to avoid them.

Data Logging Problems

Perhaps one of the most devastating tech issues facing business comes in the form of data logging gone wrong. Backing up your essential data is an absolute must; however, database and network failures could potentially compromise your precious information. Avoiding such failures often requires setting up an automated system that informs personnel ASAP when something’s off with your data.

Phishing Scams

You should always tread lightly when it comes to dealing with any sort of links in your emails. As the average office worker receives well over one hundred emails per day, many of which are spam, there are endless opportunities to fall victim to a phishing scam if you aren’t careful. Not only that, but the responsibility is on your shoulders to ensure that your team is informed to regard to such scams.

Keeping a keen eye on sources and senders is the best way to avoid phishing scams altogether. Treat any cold email with caution and check the sender against Google if you suspect that something’s fishy.


On a similar note, downloading programs, e-books and other files at random at work should be discouraged unless you’re dealing with a trusted source. Much like phishing scams, malware has the potential to slow down your internal system and potentially leave your company information prey to an attack. That said, regular malware scans and careful clicking are often enough to keep such attacks at bay.

Internal Security

Bear in mind that some of the worst potential breaches could come from within your own company. It’s important that you prohibit anyone on your team from putting sensitive files on flash drives or undertake any behavior that compromises your data. As such, drafting airtight employee contacts are crucial to discouraging an internal security breach on behalf of your own workers.

Break-Ins and Theft

On a related note, any brick-and-mortar business harboring their own servers absolutely need a real-time alarm system to inform them of an in-person breach. Your company’s data is far too valuable to gamble with and should therefore be a no-brainer for those with physical servers on-site to invest in such an upgrade for their office.

Don’t live in constant fear of security snafus that are actually preventable. By understanding the in’s and out’s of the security issues facing modern SMBs, you can operate your business with peace of mind.