mobile gaming trendsGaming has completely conquered the world, especially on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As children are using them for gaming, more than the good ol’ PC, it is clear that the world of gaming is about to change a lot, as everyone is going mobile.

These trends are going to continue, so what can we expect from the mobile gaming industry and its new trends.

Higher quality games

Even though the mobile market is continually growing, there are plenty of options in every single gaming niche. To successfully get to the top, developers are already putting in a lot of efforts into their products. People are already becoming bored with the usual games you can find in the store. They want to experience something interesting and unique, even if it costs money.

A great example of an innovative approach is Monument Valley. Those who want to get to the top will have to work hard to create similar titles.

An increase in virtual reality games

virtual reality gamingVirtual reality is rapidly becoming more popular. It is a perfect new technology that developers should utilize to create astounding gaming experiences. As Android is already VR ready, and Google has made sure all the conditions for their smartphone owners to start using the VR app store are met. This means that this new technology is here to stay, and these current trends will continue, making this a very popular gaming genre.

3D touch utilization

Pressure sensitive screens are already present in some smartphone flagships and developers are slow to take advantage of it. However, as the competition is growing, it is very likely that more game developers are going to start utilizing this feature, and make the whole gaming experience much better and more diverse.

As all developers are looking for ways to make the most out of every device, the utilization of this kind of technology is likely to become more prominent in the near future.

Improved graphics

More developers are investing more time into games that are eye-catching and rich with great visual effects. This trend is likely to continue, especially since new hardware is released every single year, showing improvements in terms of quality and performance.

Take the upcoming Snapdragon 835 chipset for example, which offers a significant improvement in terms of performance, while it will also be spending 40% less power. Hardware improvements that come with these little devices are going to help developers create even better looking games, thus starting a race similar to the one that is already going on in the PC world.

More players, more target audiences

mobile gaming for childrenPC systems were dominantly used by men, however, with the expansion of mobile devices, more women have joined the gaming community. Judging by the numbers, starting from 2008, when mobile devices became more popular, there has been a steady increase in the overall number of female gamers. This trend is likely to continue surely.

Also, children now gain access to smartphones at a very young age, and it is likely that more games for children are going to appear in the mobile gaming market.

Advertising shift

There are plenty of ways to advertise a game, and it is very likely that games are going to continue using video materials in their advertising campaigns. Additionally, classic digital marketing techniques are going to become more useful in advertising, as there are plenty of online websites that review games and mobile phones, generating a lot of potential traffic.

Indie game development growth

Some of the greatest games have come from Indie developers. This trend is likely to continue as the App store and Play Store have made it possible for anyone to make a game and sell it. This is a great trend that is likely to continue, as it promotes freedom and creativity in the developer community, giving everyone an equal chance to succeed.

The gaming industry is currently experiencing growth and this trend is likely to continue. Additionally, mobile carriers are giving their best to offer great data plans to their customers, meaning that being connected and playing online games will become a normal thing in only a matter of years. According to these trends, we can expect a lot from the gaming world in the near future.