Surviving the working world is stressful enough, becomes exponentially more difficult when you’re stuck in a high-pressure situation.

First of all, relax. More pressure comes with the territory of greater responsibilities at the office. Grace under pressure is a key characteristic of a valuable worker and the fact that you have more on your plate should be seen as a positive.

That said, dealing with pressure isn’t always easy.

Whether it’s going through an SOC audit, dealing with a performance review or giving a presentation for a project you’ve been working on for months, keep the following tips in the back of your mind to give yourself a sense of peace.

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Justify Your Decisions with Data

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to remove from pressure from yourself is by focusing on the objective versus the subjective. Whether you’re talking about profits, leads or traffic, for example, the ability to show improvement or positives is more important than the specifics of the situation.

Even if you can’t perfectly articulate how you got from Point A to Point B, it’s more important to prove that you were able to do it at all. By having data points handy, doing so is easy.

Always Get a Second Opinion

Delegating responsibilities by working as a team likewise takes the focus off of your own performance or decision-making. The end-result of teamwork, both good and bad, shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of a single person.

Working with others ensures that you have checks and balances on any given project, and also makes sure that everyone is focusing on their strengths instead of weaknesses. If you’re unsure about your own performance, asking someone else for their feedback is always fair game.

Don’t Take Criticism Personally

On a related note, anything that goes wrong in the office doesn’t reflect on you as a person. In short, what you do at work isn’t the be-all, end-all of your abilities or talent. Everyone is going to struggle at some point in the office and it’s better to accept this sooner rather than later.

Get Your Stress Levels Under Control

Stress in the workplace can cause a number of health issues, so it’s key to understand what might trigger you to struggle under pressure. Not only should you expect some sort of support system in the office from coworkers and HR, but also explore activities outside of work to calm you down. Regular physical activity or a good walk can help get your mind off of workplace stress when you’re feeling down, for example.

Confidence is Key

It might sound cliche, but sometimes the best way to counteract a stressful situation is by tackling it head-on. Displaying confidence by talking with conviction, making direct eye contact and standing by your decisions can all game-changers at work. Rather than go into a high-pressure scenario assuming you’ll flop, assume the exact opposite.

Don’t resign yourself to the idea that you’re going to crack under pressure when dealing with an intense or otherwise important event at work. Instead, go into such situations with confidence and make sure you’ve covered all your roles and responsibilities beforehand.

While such events may not always go perfectly, being prepared and having the right mindset makes all the difference.