amazon go cashierless checkoutRecently, Amazon took their company to another level. Amazon has always been on top of the latest technological trends and now, they have inculcated the use of Artificial Intelligence in their business.

Amazon invented the most advanced technology that makes shopping a lot easier. It is designed to speed up your shopping and it eliminates the long lines often seen in stores.

The new Amazon cashierless checkout technology has made the shopping experience so much fun. This is the same technology used in cars that have sensor fusion and deep learning.

The Just Walk out Technology monitors every item that is removed from the shelves and returned. It analyzes the data and keeps track of the items that are being sold.

As soon as you are done with your shopping you can leave. After a few hours, Amazon will send you a receipt and take the money out of your account. It’s awesome, and you don’t have to wait in line for any reason.

What Amazon Stores Have the Cashierless Checkout?

There are currently two Amazon stores that use the cashierless checkout the application: Amazon Go store and Amazon Go Grocery store. So anytime you are craving for a delicious treat or you want to buy groceries to make dinner, you can get your items in the blink of an eye without waiting in line. The Amazon Go store has a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and snack options to choose from.

Amazon Go Grocery has absolutely everything you would need from a local grocery store. It has fresh food items, seafood, pantry items, and other household goods. The store also has several organic items from excellent brands.

How Can I Shop at the Amazon Grocery Stores?

First of all, you have to open an Amazon account and then download the Amazing Go application on your device. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store, Amazon App store or the Apple App Store.

As soon as you get to the grocery store, make use of the app to enter. Afterward, you can keep your phone in your pocket as you won’t need it. Do your shopping and leave when you are done.

Amazon has an amazing team that makes everything possible. Once you enter any of the Amazon grocery stores, you’ll see the team members welcoming shoppers, restocking shelves and helping shoppers who are having difficulties with deciding on items.

If you want to inquire more about the Amazon grocery store, simply visit the Amazon Go website. Alternatively, you can listen to a tutorial on the Amazon Go app that teaches shoppers how to use the Just Walk Out application.

The Technology Behind the Amazon Go Stores

Amazon grocery stores make use of cashierless technology. This system enables shoppers to access the store through the Amazon Go application. They can do their shopping and leave afterward without waiting in long lines at the checkout counter. This is very similar to Point of Sale in A Pop Up Shop.

In the stores, some cameras and sensors keep track of every item chosen by a customer. The technology also charges their accounts and sends them receipts of their purchases.

Amazon has also decided to sell this technology to other retailers. In a recent interview with CNBC, Amazon stated that they have made several deals with some retailers and shop owners to introduce the Just Walk Out technology in their stores.

However, the company didn’t disclose the other businesses that they had gone into partnership with. They also have not revealed the cost of sharing their technology with them.

In September 2019, CNBC disclosed that Amazon had gone into partnership with some retail companies such as CIBO Express stores and Cineworld’s Regal theaters. These companies plan to launch their cashierless technology in certain branches of their business. It was also reported, through another source, that Amazon was also willing to provide baseball concession stands with this technology.

According to Amazon, it will take several weeks before the cashierless technology is installed in retail stores, and that would end the generation of cash registers. This is dependent on whether the store is brand new or already existing. For stores that already exist, the technology will be adapted to the store to ensure that the existing operations are not severely altered.

In the Amazon grocery stores, customers can scan the app on a turnstile as soon as they enter the store. However, in other retail stores that use cashierless technology, customers will scan their credit cards. For customers that need receipts, they will have to go to a kiosk in the store and leave their email addresses.