know the secrets in optimizing your e commerce site for better roiGaining new customers and clients online can be difficult. To reach the end goal of having increased sales and conversions, you must know how to optimize your website with the best and most strategic SEO tactics.

For starters, you have to be visible on search engines, especially those popularly used within your locality.  Since window shopping has completely evolved into visiting online shops, more people are likely to know your business if they can find it online.

Find out how you can optimize your e-commerce site to drive you more traffic and create a better Return on your Investment (ROI).

1. Make Your Value Proposition Unique and Clear

By unique and clear value proposition, experts mean that your visitors must be able to instantly know what your product and services are when they open your homepage. You have to be able to differentiate your product or service from the rest of your competition. Take the challenge to rise above the rest by focusing on the strengths of your business.

2. Make Sure Your Page Has Keyword-rich Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

The content you put on your website must have a keyword-rich description and title tags. Meta descriptions and title tags are responsible for optimizing your website’s visibility on search engines. These also give visitors an idea of what to expect from your company.

To do this, make your meta descriptions and title tags exceptional. Keywords must be placed on the first part. Title tags should be short, around 70 characters, but should also be revealing and relevant. Meta descriptions should be short and informative too, around 150 characters or less. Both should be appealing to the readers.

3. Make Sure Your Forms are Concise and Easy to Fill Out

Site visitors who are encouraged with your site’s content, products, or services and are ready to get in touch with you or do business with you may change their minds and leave your website if your forms are lengthy and will consume a lot of time to be filled out (i.e. 25 fields). Keep them short and concise. Ask only core questions. You may also give your customers the option to either sign up and get full benefits or remain a guest, make inquiries and purchases, but without any update or membership benefits.

4. Do not Forget Your Social Media Networks

For your business to continue flourishing, you must employ social media marketing effectively. You do not need to be present on all social media platforms; you only have to choose those which caters to most of your target market. Shopify recommends using Facebook for e-commerce social media marketing.

Social media networks let you post more content or even videos about your products or services for people to know what you can offer to them. As your online presence increases, it affects your sales positively.


Gone are the days of traditional marketing. If you don’t have an e-commerce site yet, you’ll surely be left behind. However, it’s not enough to just have a fully functioning site. You also need to learn how to optimize it.