4 branding tips for wordpress siteIn this day and age, strong and concise branding is absolutely essential for most any business to survive, let alone flourish. While creating a remarkable brand is not an easy feat, it is something that is necessary. It typically begins with choosing the logo and color palette, creating an up-to-the-minute website, and running a social media network that will catch and engage its viewers to boost their online presence.

From the above mentioned factors we see that good branding does not just happen in an instant. It must be well-thought and well-executed in order to be successful.

WordPress, which has become the most popular website creation tool for companies of all shapes and sizes because of its flexible, easy-to-use features, is a great platform to use when building one’s brand. Since first impressions are often the most memorable, in online marketing your website must make an immediate impact on your audience. Therefore, layout and design are paramount, as the appearance of your website can make or break your online reputation.

So, how do you make a good impression for your brand using your website? You make your brand stand out through your website with Base Creative. Also, read on to learn more helpful tools and techniques that businesses use to establish their brands.

1. Personalize Your WordPress Site for Better Promotion

This is your site, so make sure to push your personal brand through it. Keep in mind your URL must be professional, as it conveys your business name; also, refrain from using inappropriate words as it may diminish your credibility.

Include an amazing, well written bio. It must clearly indicate your identity and what you’re all about (i.e. who you are, what you do). A bio usually establishes your integrity; it also lets your customers or clients know a bit of your personality. You have to introduce yourself and let people find out more about you, allow them to feel like their meeting the real you, which will then encourage them to get in touch with you.

2. Seriously Consider Your Design

Your logo is one of the most important branding elements. Create a relevant, high-quality, recognizable logo. It should be easily identifiable and distinguishable to make your brand stand out.

Also, select a theme that looks professional yet matches your brand, and that is flexible enough to coordinate with both your content and design harmoniously. Use colors and fonts which look elegant, colors can say a lot about your brand. Use colors and/or combinations that customers can easily associate with your name, products, and services.

3. Maximize Plug-ins to Boost Your Brand and Connect with Your Customers More Effectively

Plug-ins are vital to making a more friendly user interface along with basic functionality. With the use of plug-ins, you can not only reach more of your customers, but make them want to reach out to you. The ease of use that plug-ins provide helps improves customer engagement, encourage sign ups, and builds strong, lasting relationships with customers, which turns into more traffic to your website.

However, as helpful as plug-ins might be, you have to avoid overloading your website with too many of them as it may affect your website’s performance. You should only install plug-ins that you can use regularly.

4. Create Great and Relevant Content

When you own a website, you have the power display anything you want. However, that ability alone does not guarantee high customer/client engagement. You have to think carefully about the content you will be posting for your audience to read. You have to put the desire to come back and revisit your website into its viewers by posting meaningful, relevant, and interesting content.

Make sure your site has substance, give your potential clients and customers something original to value and hold on to. This is one of the most important things that will solidify your brand in their minds.


Following these tips will enable you to build a stronger, more marketable brand. It will direct the interest of customers and clients while they visit your website. Remember, professional appearance is essential to branding, and your visitors are more likely to connect to your company if they see that your brand is trustworthy. Happy branding!