Although it comes with numerous advantages, the surge in the number of mobile phone and internet users has also come with a number of risks. For instance, it has led to the increase in cases of information leaking. With so many prying eyes around, you can easily find your photos, SMS messages, call logs or even personal apps in the wrong hands or in the public domain. For this reason, any mobile phone user needs a smart, safe and simple solution that will guarantee him/her optimum privacy protection.

Leo Privacy Guard 1 Application

That is where the Leo Privacy Guard 1 App comes in. This is an application management tool which provides Android device users with the best managing experience. The solution allows you to lock your videos, photos or Apps for your safety. It also uninstalls all the useless Apps from your device and backs up the important ones, hence saving more space effortlessly. It also prepares a number of designed themes for the lock screen. You will have fun “Candy Crashing,” “Fruit Smashing” or playing a hot “Cricket Game,” as you lock or unlock your screen.

How It Works

With a single click, this tool allows to put a lock on your personal apps, videos, images and other important files on your phone. It has interesting covers to mask your apps, trick snoopers and guard your phone. Moreover, it comes in different modes to help you cope with different situations. With this solution, you can easily manage your phone apps. It uninstalls useless ones and safely backs up important ones. This helps to ensure that you do not lose your important apps in case you delete them accidentally.


  1. Different Locking Options: The tool presents you with three unique options to lock up the secrets in your device. For instance you can either use the Dot Lock, PIN or Touch ID to secure your device.
  2. Private Camera: This feature allows you to freeze your photos or snapshot images under very interesting covers without any trace.
  3. Data and Battery Usage Monitoring: This allows you to monitor your battery or data usage in real time, enabling you to bust any battery or data thieves.
  4. Sate Vault: The App also features a safe vault, where you can keep your lengthy card numbers or login information without the fear of the same leaking out.
  5. Safe Scanning: The App will safely scan all QR and Bar Codes.


Mobile phones are very important devices that are currently used in diverse ways. For instance, besides being used for communication, they also store vital information and other important files. That is why they need to be safeguarded. For this reason, LEOMASTER, a leading mobile app developing company, developed a new privacy protection application, the Leo Privacy Guard 1. Ideally, you can use it to secure your mobile device and all the important files or information therein. The app boasts of incremental protection levels, tailored to match the individual needs of any phone user. If you need a simple, safe and smart way to safeguard the privacy of your phone, this will be the best App to use.