Because of global expansion and new concepts arising in the market, new job opportunities are coming up. One of this is Sleep Technology that is budding up and expanding rapidly. The sleep technology is helping in creating awareness related to health issues and sleep disorders.  If you are willing to plunge into this opportunity and want to be successful, below are few points to look after. You will be inclined to do as it will be fascinating field of study.

Basic Skills Requirement

The basic skill is the easiness to work with patients since you will have to directly work with them besides other people. Since the duty is often during night hours, it requires being independent decision maker. You will have to understand physiology as well as electrical anatomy and theory.

Variety of Job Opportunities

Though most of the shift timings are at night during patients sleep, there are opportunities to work during the day with activities such as Maintenance of Wakefulness tests (MWTs) and Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLTs) studies.  There are jobs related to patient scheduling, DME equipment setups, sleep test scoring that can be done by sleep technologist during day time. You get the opportunity to work in any facility whether it is doctor’s practice labs or hospital based labs. You can also work in independent diagnostic testing facilities.

Education Requirement

You will have to go through strong training to sharpen the skills. There are short programs that are approx. 40 hours, which will have classroom work as well as clinical and lab time. This will give accreditation besides preparing you for the work. There are college program such as Associate degree and certificate program with Respiratory Therapy.

Sleep a Priority

Though sleep techs are working in nights, they should also follow night sleep hygiene. In order to get proper and deep sleep during day, you should block out light and outside noises. Besides that, you should have an extremely comfortable mattress to sleep on. You opt for mattress that gives support to your back/stomach and make you feel relax.

There are customers who have found that good quality mattress makes a difference. Various reviews say we love the mattress found on Thus, you should give sleep a priority to give better output and concentration for your night job.


The licensing will depend on the state you live in.  Besides, you will require sleep credentials for those states requiring licenses. The sleep credentials will not only give bigger opportunities, but help you in climbing up with the experience you get. There are different groups such NBRC, BRPT, RPSGT and ABSM offering different tests as a part of licensing in the field of sleep technology.

Future of Sleep technology

There is no need to say that people are unaware of sleep disorders and many are not getting treated. The lifestyle and fast pace of work requires sleep technologists to come in the picture and provide easier testing of patients. The future is bright provided you are keen to explore the new technologies.

Thus, if you are willing to work as sleep technician, you will have to understand the job, do some research or visit the sleep lab for demo. There is good growth potential, if you fit into its demands.