the best apps and tech for tradersWhether you’re a financial professional who makes decisions on behalf of your clients, or you’re someone who’s just started investing your own money, you have a plethora of great technology and tools at your disposal that can do everything from simply making it faster and easier to make to trades, to helping fuel better decisions.

Below are some of the best tech, tools, and apps that are perfect for anyone who’s involved in trading, whether it’s at a beginner level or a professional level.

FX Team Economic Calendar

The FX Team Economic Calendar is a streamlined, unique way to keep up with what’s happening in the markets, the overall economy and current events. This iOS mobile app keeps people well-informed about the macroeconomic calendar and events that can impact the stock markets.

It also shows the real values of Forex indicators in real time following their release.

Along with its ability to bring a lot of information together in one place, this mobile app is also valuable because users can set their own filters, so they see only the information that’s relevant to them. You can add or remove news from different countries, and also customize news priority.


Robo-investing isn’t exactly the cutting edge of technology as it’s been around for quite some time now, and there are plenty of platforms to choose from, but a lot of investors from newbies to experienced, are turning to Betterment.

Betterment is one of the newest technology-based trading platforms with a portfolio designed to offer optimal returns, regardless of your level of risk. Betterment’s investment approach tends to generate higher returns than what a DIY investor will get, based on factors like diversification, automated rebalancing, and lower fees.

Betterment also features the Tax Loss Harvesting+ component, that finds capital losses to lower investment taxes.

Microsoft Surface Pro

If you’re someone who wants to spend some time on your trades and possibly venture into day trading, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a great tool to have. Some people might prefer the iPad Pro, but the Surface Pro 4 is perfect if you like working on a Windows system. It is an easy-to-use replacement for your laptop, and it’s incredibly powerful. The Surface Pro 4 includes a kickstand and stylus, and it also has added tools like a full-size USB port and a mini DisplayPort. The display of the surface also has more pixels than the comparable iPad and is brighter.

All-in-all it’s a great on-the-go tablet for traders, and it meets a wide variety of needs if you’re an investor, either as a hobby or professionally.

My Charts

My Charts is another app that’s great for traders. It lets users easily move between charts of stocks their watching, and they can create a customized watch list and see many charts in a one-page view.

Some of the newest features available with the latest version of this app include intraday charts, and earnings list displayed different points throughout the day.

Some traders and investors rely on intuition and instincts, others rely on technology, and many combine elements of both. With tools like the ones above you can make smart investment decisions in a way that’s simpler and more manageable.