the-best-ways-to-show-a-web-design-to-a-clientDesigning a website is the easy part for most web designers, however when it comes to presenting the design idea as a mock up to the client, it can be hard to find a way to present it in such a way that shows off its full potential. For many web designers, it’s easy to understand from a mock-up how the actual site will look once it’s fully sliced and coded, however many clients aren’t tech-savvy, and it’s quite hard for them to get their head around. We’ve taken a look at some of the best ways to present a website mock-up to a client and listed them here below in order to help web designers struggling with this issue.

Place the Image on a Web Page

As people tend to be able to better identify an image when it is presented to them as how they normally see it, placing the website mock-up image onto a website and sending the client the link in order for them to be able to view it is just one way in which you can present your client with their website design. However, be prepared for certain problems to arise – some clients might not understand why the links don’t work yet, or wonder why their website is appearing smaller than it should. If these problems do arise, you should be prepared to explain them to your client.

Print the Design as a JPEG

If you’ve got the use of a good printer such as a HP printer and HP 3600 fuser, an alternative to showing your client the web design on your computer screen is to print it off for them. Using A4 paper will give them a good overview of what the website is planned to look like, and because it’s on paper, you’re less likely to be asked questions as the client will not expect the website to function like it normally does, as they might if it was presented to them on a browser.

Use a Preview Site

The website Preview Dump is designed in such a way that web designers can create a simple HTML preview page which will then show what a template will look like once it has been coded. If you use this method of presenting your design to your client, you should try to personalize it to them as much as possible. It’s a great way to prevent any questions about why the website isn’t fully functioning, as the client will be able to navigate around the site.

Send Via Email

Although it can be a simple idea to send your design as a JPEG or PNG via e-mail to your client, this way should be reserved for those clients who understand how a web-design mock-up works, as some clients with a smaller screen resolution may be confused by why the picture appears smaller if it shrinks.

How do you present your designs to clients? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.