So you have gone the extra mile and created a video resume. Now your next question in seeking a career is what to do with your new video resume. There are a number of websites out there that tailor to people who have video resumes. Some are better than others and you have to be careful in your choice of websites. Some of these career websites might do you more harm than good. We will now take a look at the top five video resume sites for you to consider. video resume is a good choice when it comes to seeking a job with a video resume in hand. They offer three plans that tailor to a creative individual like you. They offer online video interviews and a sixty second spot to upload your video resume for potential employers to see. This website does come at a price though, and some may shy away because of it. There are three packages that range from $49 – $499 per month, depending on your budget and the features that you would like.

gethired video resume is a fairly new website that is making headway in the mainstream job searching world. This website is unique in the fact that it actively recruits employers. Then it allows the employers to search through a mass of video resumes uploaded by job seekers. This way you can upload your video and the website will do the rest for you.

videorecruit resume is a website tailored mostly to video resumes. They claim they can connect you with multiple employers in a short amount of time and advertise they have over 400,000 online jobs that you can search through. The good thing about this website is its very user friendly and it’s free for employers to post a job making it easier for you to find the career you’re looking for.

linkedin job seek video resume is not just a social network, but an online job seeking network also. They have a special part of the site for your video resume. The good thing is you have a full profile and employers can see that along with your video resume. One downfall is it is becoming ever so popular to upload video resumes that it may become over saturated. They are still a good choice and another site to check off the list.

resumetube job search

Lastly, and one of the top competitors is They are making headway in the online video resume game quickly. They have a useful and helpful website that will guide you every step of the way when signing up. They also have an online community built into the website so you can share information with other job seekers and employers. also offers the choice to log in using popular social networking sites to link accounts; this is very useful if you are posting your video resume already on these sites. Once you become a member you can then update your profile and upload your video resume.

Now you have some choices to make on where to upload your video resume. However, there is one last site and that is You should always have your video there because it is a Mecca of a video site and you have the potential to get some serious views. Whichever path you choose, take into consideration the following summaries of the most popular sites.

Most of these video resume websites will cater international users. But if you’re in Australia to seek jobs online, there are also many other video resume websites for local online job searchers, we’ll cover more about websites for video resumes Australia in the future. So, stay tune and do subscribe to our newsletter for more updates.